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Hi everybody!
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Our last album is out for sale.
Soon we'll be able to sell it online.
For the moment, contact us to get one.

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Les violons de Bruxelles have taken the legendary format of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France and turned it on its head;
The double bass is still very much present, but the rest of the instrumentation is exactly the opposite: just one guitar and... three violins.

Both harmonically and rhythmically, the polyphonic composition of the group provides the improviser with a subtle but stimulating accompaniment, while the contrasting personalities of the three violinists give birth to a kaleidoscopic range of styles, moods, and shades of swing...

A fresh and unique vision of the all-string swing orchestra!
Another text on us, from Fremeaux's presentation of our second album :
ENG: Led by Tcha Limberger, "Les Violons De Bruxelles" group brings together the finest strings that Belgium has to offer, and puts the accent not on the guitar but on three violins. This string quintet takes the traditional swing formula of the “Hot Club de France” but turns its codes inside out. The quintet is unrivalled in its performance of gypsy jazz, swing, songs (and related genres like the choro), resulting in melodies that merge jazz with chamber music while the violins blend sumptuous improvisations with classic arrangements and wild forays into gypsy and Latin music. They have a unique way of drawing material from its source to make it evolve into something else.

FR: Emmenés par Tcha Limberger, Les violons de Bruxelles regroupent la fine fleur des violonistes de jazz belges. En mettant l’accent non sur la guitare mais sur le violon, ce quintet à cordes à trois violons, bouleverse les codes de la formule traditionnelle du swing façon Hot Club de France. Les Violons de Bruxelles revisitent comme personne le répertoire jazz manouche, swing et affiliés (choro, tzigane, chanson). En découle des mélodies entre jazz et musique de chambre, mêlant somptueux moments improvisés, arrangements classiques et embardées tziganes et latines. Une façon unique de puiser dans le répertoire et de le faire évoluer, de redéfinir le jazz manouche pour lui rendre ses lettres de noblesse.
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